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5 Tips for shaving:

1. Wash your face Having clean skin will remove the dirt and oil from your face and provide a smoother glide.

2. Use a warm wash cloth Press a warm wash cloth to your face and neck, this will soften the facial hairs and provide an easier shave. Always check the temperature before applying to your skin.

3. Keep your razors new Razors can become dull over time, so it is very important to replace them with new ones for a better shave.

4. Use a shaving product Shave products also soften the facial hair and make it easier for the razor to glide. There are all kinds of shaving products to choose from, use one you find the best for each shave.

5. PFB for healing According to PFB Vanish, ‘After shaving a man’s skin can be traumatized. Especially if a man has sensitive skin and thick course hair. Men of color, inevitably suffer from razor bumps and their subsequent dark spots. Which is why PFB Vanish created Man Mask, it is a botanical balm that is applied to the skin immediately after shaving to calm and heal the skin AND to prevent razor bumps. For added protection against bumps and to actively lighten any brown spots – layer on PFB + Chromabright after the balm has dried. This will insure smooth, even toned skin that is bump free!

These 5 steps can help make shaving for any man a more pleasurable experience. It’s a good starting point for any young man who’s just starting to shave. There’s nothing like the clean, refreshing feeling of a smooth shave with a fresh razor. We highly recommend investing in good razors and high-quality post shave products to make sure guys can put their best face forward!’

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