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By God’s Grace, Grace Threading is growing every year. We continue to receive lots of love and support from the community.

Supporting Susan G.Komen San Diego – ‎dedicated to saving lives and ending breast cancer forever.

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Supporting American Heart Association

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Each Tuesday & Thursday in October, 20% of all Grace Threading Hillcrest profits goes to the Help Ava Walk fund.

Ava’s Grandmother, Dr. Nikki Goldman, lives here in San Diego.

Ava’s Story:

ava At 6 months, when most babies sit up, Ava, (our granddaughter) lay flat and stared up. During these first months, we cooed and ached as any loving grandparents would. Yet she offered little response. A smile, sure, but throughout these first months, the communication seemed one-sided. At 7 months she still hadn’t met the expected milestones.

An MRI revealed cerebral palsy.

In the past generation, medicine has made great strides in treating cerebral palsy. Aggressive interventions like physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy all help to counter the effects of this condition. Ava makes many visits to neurologists and orthopedists, and we’ve all learned the truth behind the saying, “It takes a village!”.


Our job, however, has been minimal in comparison to Ava’s. It certainly is a good thing that determination is such an integral part of her personality. Of course, we’re utilizing all avenues insurance pays for, but we discovered a few very promising therapies that aren’t covered just yet. As you can imagine, we’re coming to the end of our own funds to help. At this point, we’re trying to raise enough for two years of treatment with the Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) Program here in San Diego. Neurologic music therapy has proven to support and enhance the muscular system and these areas of brain function: cognition, communication, social, motor, physical and physiological skills. We want to Ava to have exposure to these opportunities while she is still young and her brain is still forming. If you have any questions about neurologic music therapy and cerebral palsy, please feel free to contact me through our Facebook page at

Just last week, Ava took 14 steps unassisted! We know that all of our extra therapies have been helping, but we won’t quit now. We’re so grateful to Grace Threading’s Cipika and Ajit for their generous donation of 20% of their October profits to the Help Ava Walk efforts. Thank you, too, for your contribution this month! Feel free to monitor our fundraising progress at

Grace Threading believes that giving back to the community is also really important. Therefore, we offer support to the following deserving recipients:

  • Scripps Ranch High School team sports, and to the dedicated teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • Vibha ( Vibha is a non-profit organization aim to ensure that every underprivileged child attains his or her right to education, health and opportunity. They have many projects in India and US.
  • Home of Guiding Hands ( HGH is one of the largest providers of supports and services in San Diego County, serving over 800 children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities.