At Grace Threading, We use 100 % Natural Heena.

What does it do?

This henna hair pack will not only boost your scalp and hair health, but it will also help color your hair and cover grays. While the henna colors your hair, it unclogs your pores, removes excess oil, balances pH levels, and strengthens your hair.

Who are the Right candidate ?

People with darker hair color generally gets reddish brown color on their grey hair.

1. Maintains Scalp Health

Henna can be quite cooling to the scalp. This, in combination with it antimicrobial properties, helps maintain scalp health. It helps fight off scalp conditions like dandruff.

2. Balances Oil Production And pH Levels

Not only does henna keep issues like dandruff at bay, it is also an excellent ingredient for balancing oil production and the pH of your scalp. It removes the excess oil from your hair, helping unclog follicles, and also restoring normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.

3. Boosts Hair Growth And Stops Hair Fall

The boosted scalp health, unclogging of pores, and balanced pH levels put a stop to hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. Not only will henna help your hair grow faster, but it will also improve hair texture.

4. Repairs And Strengthens Hair

The nutrients in henna help nourish your hair while also repairing the damage. The balancing of the pH levels also helps seal the hair cuticle, leading to locks that are more lustrous. This helps improve hair elasticity.

5. Conditions Hair

Henna builds a protective barrier around each one of your hair shafts, locking in moisture and keeping your hair conditioned. It can be especially beneficial when used in hair packs in combination with other hydrating ingredients. Henna helps minimize issues such as hair breakage and split ends.

Home Care for Henna

Heena can be Messy when washing your hair at home. So please follow this technique to make your life easy With Heena.

  1. Keep Henna for couple of hours for the best result. Shower cap is recommended since it will keep it moist.
  2. Don’t the shower on Directly when washing your Henna hair. It will make your bathroom mess and you will spend an hour of cleaning.
  3. When you are ready to wash your Henna hair. Open the Tap in bathtub and put your head down in water and start rinsing with water . Keep rising until you see clear water comes from your hair.
  4. Then stand up and close the Tap in bathtub and open the shower. And Apply shampoo and leave it for 1 -2 minutes and rinse with water .
  5. You might need to redo the shampoo again on your hair.
  6. Henna is dry by tendency. To get most out of from this treatment and make your hair shinier , Apply some oil in your hair. It can be coconut oil, olive oil , almond oil ( your choice ) leave it for at least couple of hour’s . Then wash is again with shampoo.
  7. *** Trick – I recommend people to put oil in the night before you go to bed . You can put towel on your Pillow and sleep with it. So that in the morning you can wash your hair with Shampoo.