How to Find the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

How to Find the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face



Figuring out what the perfect eyebrow shape that best suits your face structure can be difficult, which is why we are here to guide you towards the right direction to find the best shape that suits your features. Eyebrow shapes tend to vary from person to person based on what each individual prefers, however, there is always a better shape that enhances one’s appearance. Let’s look at the several different face shapes that each person has or is similarly close too, and the corresponding brow shapes that best suit the facial structure:

Oval Face
An oval face shape can be identified as the face is slightly longer than it is wide. The forehead tends to be wider than the jawline, and the jawline is slightly narrower than the hairline. There tends to be no prominent points or angles, however, the cheekbones may appear to be the widest part of the face to create the effect of high cheekbone. The face gracefully tapers into the chin to construct a rounder-looking chin.

Eyebrow shapes tend to be the most diverse within this facial structure, as the face is already balanced out with the shape. The soft angled eyebrow look tends to work best with this face structure, as enhances the features that are already present with this look.


Round Face
For a round face, all angles tend to be equally measured as the same length and width. The face is widest at the cheekbones, creating the perfect round figure. Features tend to be soft rather than sharp.

The best shape suited for this structure, is an angled brow with a high arch. By creating a sharp, angular look, the face will appear less round and will bring out any strong features are not present otherwise. The farther from your nose the angle is, the wider your face will appear. Thicker eyebrows are best suited with the sharp angle of a brow.

Square Face
This shape is easily characterized by a strong and wide jawline. The forehead, cheekbones, and jaw will all be similar in width to create the illusion if a square shape.

An angled brow is the best shape to balance out the strong jaw and overall features. Creating a sharp peak at the top of the eyebrow, will make them appear sharper and more defined. A high, curved arch will soften your face and elongate it to create a perfect balance.
Heart Face
A heart shaped face is similar to an oval, but the face strongly tapers to the chin to create a pointy effect. Having a strong jawline, this shape is widest at the forehead and cheeks and creates a defined chin.

A rounded curve is best suited for this shape. Creating a low arch and a soft round will balance the length of the chin to create a natural look. It is best to keep the eyebrows fuller in terms of thickness to define and enhance the features of your face.

Long Face
Simply stated, this face shape tends be longer than it is wider. The forehead, cheeks, and jaw are all close to the same width as each other and individuals could have a long chin, or a long forehead. It can also be easier to identify as the cheeks do not appear to be full compared to other shapes.

The best eyebrow shape that suits this facial structure is a horizontal line with a slight arch, which will make the face appear shorter and wider. Start with a straight, thick shape and then create a very subtle arch to add dimension to the brow. Make sure to avoid higher arches or thinner eyebrows, as they will elongate your face even further and make it appear slimmer.


Diamond Face
To identify a diamond face shape, the jawline is defined and wide while tapering into the chin to create a noticeably short and pointy chin. The face tends to be highly angular, with the forehead being narrower and the face being widest at the temples. Cheeks also tend to be high and pointed, which ultimately resembles the perfect diamond gem shape!

Curved brows are the best shape to easily balance all of your beautiful features out. This will soften the angles, and will lengthen the wide structures in your face. Try to create a curved brow with an angled arch in order to achieve the perfect look. This can also be done with thick or thin brows, depending on your preference.

To successfully achieve any of these looks, it best recommended to thread the brows as they create the most defined and precise shape compared to plucking or waxing. Threading also lasts longer and will therefore keep the shape of the brow consistent every time you thread your brows. Our threaders are experienced experts that will help you create the perfect shape and look you are going for. Book your appointment today at to get the perfect eyebrow shape suited for your face!

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