About Grace Threading


Practiced for centuries, threading is a hair removal technique where facial hair is removed swiftly yet meticulously from even the most delicate areas of the face and body. By knotting off thread and creating a trap that forces hair out by the root, it is the best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin



Over time, waxing reduces hair growth. Hair grows back finer and softer than before. Consistent waxing (without shaving in between) will ensure that you achieve lasting results for smooth and gorgeous skin.



At Grace Threading, we believe that the combination of organic and medical grade products, is the answer to beautiful skin. With over a decade of experience in exquisite beauty, our preferred choice for facial treatments is all natural, Californian-made Doctor Schwab’s products. For outstanding results, we also use carefully selected medical grade products for acne skin treatments, issues of scaring, and hyper-pigmentation.



A Facial



Microdermabrasion with Facial

I started having acne around 14 years old and like many teenagers would pick at it. I was trying to remove the acne. As an adult, this resulted in major scarring (crators) on my face and very dry skin.
I tried laser treatment once and didn’t see much result. I also tried micro needling and didn’t see much result. Now, for the past 2 months I have been getting the Microdermabrasion with facial at Grace Threading. I feel elasticity in my face as my face is no longer dry. My skin has brightened and has a natural shine or glow. The scarring has begun to smooth out significantly. I have never been able to honestly see or feel results in the past so every month I am excited about getting my Microdearmbrasion with facial. Thank you so much, Grace Threading.


Hiba S.

“I donno about the place much, but today I went for my full body wax. HEIDI is the BEST. She did my waxing in 1n half hours without hurting me too much. She has the skill to give good service and good customer service. I will be definitely going back for waxing. And I need to giv2 a try for threading (I’m so picky if it comes to threading coz I’m my self a Threader but cannot do for my self) . Let’s see. Thanks Heidi.”

Pooja K.

“Microdermabrasion facial by Cipika! Thoroughly relaxing. Cipika had a detailed consult with me about what my skin issues and and what i am looking for. She spent quality time to explain what she will do and how she can help my skin look and feel better! And OH BOY does my skin look clearer already!! I cant wait to see the glow tomorrow! Excellent service. Will return for sure! Thank you Cipika!”

Rose D.

“Best Brazilian wax I’ve ever had ! Thank you so much Heidi ! Go check her out ! Great & fast service , and walked out happy with amazing results !”

Sara M.

“Excellent service while booking my hydra facial. Tiana was so professional, kind, and courteous on the phone. I have never had such a smooth experience booking an appointment anywhere thank you Tiana!!!!!!”